Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

What is Teambition?

Teambition is a collaboration tool that facilitates teamwork. It is “Project”-based and provides not only basic applications such as “Tasks”, “Posts”, “Files”, “Meetings” and “Group Chat”, but also many plug-in functions. Teambition creates an outstanding experience through elaborate design, enabling you and your team members to work together at any time.

How Does Iota Xi Use Teambition

1. Calendar

The calendar function on Teambition is used by to schedule events hosted by the chapter and schedule meetings for the chapter as a whole and the committees within the chapter.  Through this method, each board is supplied with an individual calendar pertaining to the events of that respective committee.

2. Scheduling

The Iota Xi Chapter maintains efficient Alumni and Recruitment Programming through the use of linking the Teambition calendar with our Google Calendar.  This ensures that all members and alumni are made aware of upcoming events and meetings.

3. Filing

The File function of Teambition is used store the past assignments from the classes of our members.  These assignments are used as a study guide for other members to have easy access to.  Other electronic copies of chapter documents housed through Teambiton include our Bylaws, Membership Responsibility Guaidlines and Officer Manuals.


4. Goal Setting

Through the Task function of Teambition, members set goals for themselves and their respective boards.  Through the use of the task function, events are planned and chapter business is completed and submitted efficiently and on time.

5. Chapter Finance

A purchase is not made in our chapter without its contents being recorded in our financial report.  The bookkeeping function of Teambition allows us to maintain an accurate budget and allows for our financial report to be more transparent.

Chapter Finance

6. Chapter Business

Through the use of the Post function on Teambition, chapter business is recorded and archived.  The records recapping the events of our chapter meetings and individual board meetings within the chapter are recorded, stored and made available to all our members.  In order to change chapter business, it is voted on by the chapter and updated through Teambition.

Chapter Business

7. Google Form

Through the use of the post function, our Teambition account is linked to Google Forms.  When a form is filled out and submitted, Google Forms then sends an email to our Temabition account and creates a task.  Tasks can submitted as complaints Potential New Member Profiles and Academic Achievements.  The task is created on Teambition via add on from Google Forms.

Google Form

8. Member Profiles

Though Teambiton, the chapter keeps an updated roster of active members, potential new members and alumni.  Member profiles contain contact information as well as executive and non executive positions within the chapter.  Members profiles are made easily accessible to the members of the chapter through Teambition.

Member Profiles

9. Group Chat

The members of Iota Xi also use Teambition as a means of communication through boards.  The members of each respective board use the chat function to form group chats with each other.  This allows for efficient communication among the boards rather than decipher messages through a large group chat.  Teambition also serves as the official communications channel of the chapter.

Group Chat