Say hi to the Teambition Group Chat

One of your most requested features is finally here.

A lot of our users and customers asked for the ability to chat with multiple people at once: it is possible starting today.

We have added the ability to enable a group chat in each of your projects so that you don’t have to re-invite anybody and to keep your chat structured and well maintained.

The group chat is activated by default: it will appear in your Project’s app bar:

Teambition web group chat
The group chat is accessible right from your project apps bar.


While releasing the group chat our focus was the same as for any of the futures we release for you: keeping it light, useful and simple. Hence we have designed a chat box that remains simple, re-uses the images and buttons you are already familiar with, while keeping useful features such as the Mute button or the attachment button.

The group chat has been rolled-out globally and is available to any Teambition account.

Happy chatting!

The Teambition team.