Collaboration without borders: Teambition now has an international server

The long-waited Teambition international server is now online! Teambition now has two separate servers, i.e. China and international server. If your team spend majority of their time overseas, we suggest you make good use of our international server which is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It will ensure better speed and stability for your international access.

Choose your default server

For newly registered Teambition users, the system will automatically choose a default server for you based on your IP address. If you register now from overseas via, you default server will be international server. Our system will alert you when you are visiting a different server from the default server, and you can switch to a more frequently used server in your account setting page.

When you are invited to a project or an organization, you will automatically enter the respective server that project or organization is based on.

Access different servers

If you have multiple projects on different servers, you can easily accessing that server by clicking the top right corner. It will also notify you of unread messages from a different server.