Teambition 7.0 is Here

As a way to make Teambition more consistent with how you use Teambition every day we have renamed Projects to Spaces. Using Spaces means they can adapt to any way of working of your choosing while remaining simple and intuitive.

Our second update concerns our Power-ups. Power-ups are features developed by third-parties that have been developed to enrich your experience. You can find them in the “Power-ups” entry of your Space Menu:

We now have organizations of all sizes and needs that use Teambition. In order to provide you with an experience that fits you, we have decided to bring four new price tiers: Free, Pro, Enterprise and Custom.

You can check out the details of our different pricing options as follow

Additionally, you will be able to upgrade easily by heading to your avatar and clicking the Upgrade button in the menu. Once done, a little star will appear on your avatar to indicate you are part of a paid organization: